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Fraud Scam Alsaeed Saad Chichi Oluwatosin

We are the owners of Diagnostic World (www.diagnostic-world.com) and we want to let you in on a scan we recently fell victim to, in the hope it will not happen to anybody else.

The name of the scammer is Alsaeed Saad (this is the name from the email account) which was saadfze@yahoo.com. Although we believe the persons real name is Chichi Oluwatosin Enitan Izuka.

We received an email from him, and the email you get might be similar, with just a few changed details.

Hi There!
We need for an immediate purchase the following:
15 units of Original Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 +DS (All Vehicles & All Systems) 1998 - 2013 Models - SRS Airbag, ABS, Engine, Transmission, Oil Service & More
Kindly provide us quotations and pro forma invoice issued to us using This informations:
Al saad Group- Sharjah
4, Rolla Street Rolla,
United Arab Emirate
Best Regard

So we sent them an email back giving them a quote which was roughly £5500 inc delivery, and we gave them the bank info to wire the money through.

We then got an email a few days later saying this

I just received notification from my account department that the payment
in amount of £67,915.00 you received was from our account department instead
of £5,535.00 as we agree. please kindly confirm to us if you have received
the payment in your bank account .
The amount was mistakenly sent in to your account by our account department,
please advice us if you have receive the payment.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards

So we seen the payment in our account, at first it was pending, but then it had cleared. I asked my bank to confirm that this was a chaps payment and to confirm it could not be reversed, they assured me it could not be reversed.

I agreed with alsaeed that i would send him back 67,915 minus the £5535 for the parts he was ordering, confident that the £67915 could not be touched by the sender, and i carried out the transfer.

Well, it turns out that the bank gave me incorrect information, and the original payment of £67,915 was in fact a cheque, and had not fully cleared - Had the bank operator spotted this when i asked her to check i would not be in this position - i currently have a complaint in at the bank about this.

The cheque bounced, and they have my returned payment of £62,xxx - meaning we have been completely scammed.

We just wanted to make you aware not to deal with this scammer, tell him where to go, or possibly lure him into a trap to get as much information as possible about him ,address, telephone, current location, who he works for et.. but under NO circumstances should you send him any money at all. EVEN after you see a payment in your account, because it will eventually bounce.

****UPDATE**** the email address saadfze@yahoo.com has now been closed, i suspect it was because i was sending him a lot of abuse around 20 emails per day. He will just open another email account so no doubt the scam will still run.
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