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Autel MD808 Pro Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the Autel MD808 Pro Kit. The MD808 Pro is a multi functioning diagnostic tool which covers engine, transmission, ABS, airbag & all other systems.

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  • Gary Nelson, Watford, UK 5stars

This is the real deal genuine item. Already registered & updated my machine online and have cleared many airbag lights, abs lights, fault codes and cleared service intervals. Also had a go of the print facility which allows us to print off exactly what we have done on the vehicle so we can hand the report to the customer which gives them the confidence that we are not trying to get more money from a customer. Very pleased i bought this and allows us to get cars looked at and fixed a lot quicker. 5 Stars all day long.
  • Patrick Walsh, Florida, USA 5stars

From UK to US in just 4 days, excellent delivery. We work with a lot of GM cars & Jeep and works really well with the main systems and other systems. It has made our lives a lot easier now that we have the tools to diagnose in house. I would highly recommend this tool to anybody who works on various cars, Alistair @ Diagnostic World gave me a lot of information and helped me through the order. A Credit to online buying for car tools.

  • Tony Harding, Gosport, UK 5stars

We use this in our garage for knocking off dash lights such as check engine, ABS, airbag & others, it really is the real deal and works with pretty much every car on the road (certiantly covers every car we have had to deal with)

  • Richard Smith, Gateshead, UK 5stars

Perfect for garage owners & mechanics, its easy to use, robust and well worth the money. Cheers Diagnostic World

  • Linda Robertson, Swindon, UK 4 stars

I run the office for 2 garages and was told to buy this kit for our mechanics. The feedback i have received is great and have since ordered another one for the other garage. Brill.

  • Craig Henson, Swansea, UK 5stars

Our family has 5 cars and as i am a mechaninc i knew i could put this tool to great use. I love pottering on with cars and have saved family members & friend a rather large wedge.

  • Bob Willis, Hereford, UK 5stars

The MD808 Pro is a great kit and covers a huge range of cars. Works well.

  • Roger Lescott, Essex, UK 4 stars

Excellent tool to add to our collection.

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