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Autophix OM123 Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the Autophix OM123. The Autophix OM123 is a light compact and easy to use generic OBD2 scan tool, it will cover all OBD2 compliant petrol engines from 1996 & diesel engines from 2004.

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  • Marek Dubrovnak, Barking, UK 5stars

Thank you for the tool it works well and my car is great to use and no more busses for me.

  • Andrew Swan, Glasgow, UK 5stars

This helped me fix my Rover ZR and is now back on the road helping me be a boy racer once again.

  • Colin Hulme, Leeds, UK 5stars

Diagnostic World you have just saved me about £300 - i was about to order some parts as i had been advised to do so online - but i hadnt got any professional help about the problem, my mate told me about this kit to check for problems and im so glad it did. Brilliant - great help thank you.

  • Jess Johnson, Middlesborough, UK 4 stars

Bought this for my husband who thinks he is now some sort of professional mechanic - in reality it is the tool which tells him what the problem is and he tries to fix it - excellent tool i must say and very quick delivery. Thank you.

  • Martin Brown, Enfield, UK 5stars

Finally have the issue on my E46 sorted - been putting off buying a kit and having a go my self for ages, wish id done it months ago had i knew it was this easy - the tool is well made and built to last - i will keep this to use on all my cars.

  • Kev Swain, Dorchester, UK 5stars

Pretty decent tool and works well on my Vauxhall Corsa.

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