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BMW 2B63 P0366 Fault Codes Camshaft Sensor Failure

The BMW 3 Series we were working on was running poorly and had a serious lack of power, the RPM was pretty stable at idle, but it sounded like a bag of hammers when going over 1500 rpm. We used 2 tools to diagnose the BMW E90 318i and they were the Autel GS500 so we could get the generic fault code, and the C110 tool so we could get the manufacturer specific fault code.

The Autel GS500 tool gave us the P0366 fault code, and the C110 gave us the 2B63 fault code, both relating to the same problem. See the pictures here to show the codes on the relevant code readers.
BMW Fault code 2B63 camshaft sensor diagnose
BMW P0366 Camshaft Sensor Trouble Fault Code Warning ENGINE light
As you can see from the picture below we have circled a few of the components that people might get confused about which sensor is which.

1 is the Vanos Solenoid Valve
2 is also the Vanos Solenoid Valve
3 is the inlet camshaft sensor
4 is the exhaust camshaft sensor

We removed the exhaust camshaft sensor and then started the car, it started and then ran exactly the same as when the sensor was in place, so at this stage we are still assuming that the sensor is faulty. The next stage is to put the new sensor in place and then start then engine and clear the codes & hope that everything works fine.
bmw e90 e91 e92 e93 318 camshaft exhaust & inlet sensors
So the new Camshaft exhaust sensor was fitted a few days ago, but did not correct the problem. The covers have been removed from the engine and the timing chain has stretched & skipped cogs. A complete new timing chain is required.

If you do get this scenario in your BMW, we would still recommend changing the camshaft sensor, becauase that may well be the problem, but in our case it was more serious and its a pretty big job to change it over.
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