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BMW Fault Code 2A61 & 2A63 Valvetronic Motor Fault

We see this happening more and more, and is not an easy or cheap fix to do. The BMW fault trouble codes 2A61 & 2A63 are generally a result of a failing Valvetronic Servo Motor in your BMW engine. The symptoms we encountered in this BMW were

A. On start up the engine started & sounded like a diesel engine (the model we drove was a petrol)
B. When pulling away from standstill, the bite was difficult to control, and the vehicle would be very hesitant to move off smoothly. We would generally need to press the accelerator harder and keep the clutch depressed for longer in order to get any decent bite and pull off, this would result in higher revs and a louder get away, not to mention the excess in fuel being used just to start moving.

I will say though, that once the BMW was in motion and driving, everything was very smooth, and the rest of the gear changes were very smooth.

Basically the Servo Valvetronic motor needs to be changed which means taking off the rocker head and is not the easiest job, however if you are a competent home mechanic i would say give it a go.

We diagnosed the faults with the BMW i910 kit which is excellent if you own a BMW. Found the faults with no problem at all as shown in the video below. The kit can be found on our partner store Dominator Auto Diagnostics i910 iCarsoft.
i910 showing fault codes 2a61 2a63
i910 in BMW 3 series e90
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