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BMW Mini Airbag Warning Light Remove How To

We recently worked on a BMW Mini which had the dreaded airbag warning light illuminated on the dashboard. There are lots of reasons why the airbag light can illuminate, but the most common the removal of the front seats or steering wheel. When they are removed the airbag circuit becomes open which triggers the light on the dash, basically telling you there is a fault.

In our case, this was not the case. The underseat connectors had been removed and wires were binded together to close the circuit.

Here is a picture of what the Mini airbag under seat wires looked like. As you can see, and for future reference if anybody needs it - the black & white wire is connected to the yellow wire, and the purple & white wire is connected to the brown wire.
mini airbag wires under seat
Although the circuit is now closed when the wires are conected, the airbag ECU still needs to be told this, so this is where a reset tool is needed.

For this job there are many tools on the market, there are tools that will simply only let you reset the airbag light, and there are tools which will allow you to diagnose & reset other systems & dash warning lights. Below are a list of tools which are recommended for this job.

B200 Mini airbag light reset tool
C110 Mini airbag, engine, ABS & transmission reset tool
Launch CRP123 Mini airbag, engine, ABS & transmission reset tool
Autel MD702 Mini airbag engine, ABS & transmission reset tool
C110 reset mini airbag light
Launch CRP123 mini airbag warning light reset
mini airbag warning light
mini airbag wires under seat
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