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CareCar C68 Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the CareCar C68 diagnostic kit. The C68 is a user friendly multi system multi vehicle diagnostic scanning machine that will tap into and diagnose all systems within the vehicle. This is one of the most comprehensive diagnostic kits on the market.

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  • Peter Connon, Glasgow, UK 5stars

Solid piece of kit, easy to navigate with the stylus and excellent vehicle coverage. Have not yet registered or updated the kit, but plenty of time for that. Seems pretty easy to do aswell. We have a garage and the addition of this tool means we can diagnose & clear faults for all systems a lot quicker, instead of having 6 or 7 different tools laying about. Will be buying another in a few weeks because we're fairly big, and all the mechanics want to use it at the same time.

  • Matthew Chambers, Luton, UK 5stars

Quick, good vehicle coverage, fault codes & descriptions are well laid out. Has a quality feel to it and you deffo will not lose it. The live data & actuator tests are excellent and simply work every time you request it. I honestly think that this kit is as good as the other kits which are double the price for from the likes of Autel. Garage or workshop owners should take a close look at this kit. Thanks guys for the quick delivery aswell.

  • Trevor Hunt, London, UK 5stars

Excellent coverage, well built, easy to use and easy to update. This kit basically means we no longer have to use seperate tools for seperate vehicles, this kit can do them all and have yet to hit a problem with the kit will not connect to a vehicle or system we need it to. We will be buying another one soon as the workshop is expanding.

  • Laim Knowles, Preston, UK 5stars

Been using this in our garage for around 6 weeks now and have to say, it has never let us down. Have not yet updated the machine yet but will do in a few weeks. I'm a garage owner and it means we can diagnose and clear faults so much quicker with the CareCar C68 kit. Still loving the kit.

  • Mal Western, Hampshire, UK 5stars

The screens are well set out, the menu is easy to toggle through and the screen changes are very fast, possibly the fastest ive seen. Would have been better if the kit was wireless but probably just a feature that we wouldnt use in any case. Cannot fault the C68 at all. Very good A+++++++++++

  • Clinton Hamilton Jr, Boston, USA 5stars

From UK to USA in 4 days. Good work sirs and the tool is very good so have used it a lot and with good results from the diagnostic. Manage to reset many light and code for every system.

  • Alain Montagne, Strasbourg, France 5stars

The tool has arrived and many faults so far have been diagnose & clear. The screen is good, solid, easy and works. The update tool is good, and lots of updates are there. I would say the tool takes around 6 days to get with me, and well packed against damage. My question is will eventually the C68 be wireless? I think that is the question a lot of people might ask.

  • Harry Banning, Welling, UK 4 stars

I am a car collector and have been using this kit for the past 3 weeks to diagnose and basically keep on top of maintenence. Impressed so far with the results, although was unable to connect to my Ferrari airbag system and i though the kit was wireless. To be fait though it does not say that it is wireless and the ferrari name is not listed in the item details.

  • Gary Irving, Glasgow, UK 5stars

Very fast delivery for the C68 and the guys @ Diagnostic World were able to help me with an issue very fast.

  • Wayne Tidman, Leicester, UK 5stars

Stunning kit and very easy to use. Absolutely no complaints here. Thank you for the C68, it ws delivered very fast to me.
  • Adam Ellender, Richmond Hill, USA 5stars

We own a garage and work on a lot of older cars such as Honda, Ford, BMW and struggled at times to diagnose the older faults, now we have this kit it allows us to get on with the work faster and get cars back to customers quicker. The print facility is also good for customer piece of mind.

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