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Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Removal

Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is illegal. But exactly what is a DPF?, or your questions might include how to remove DPF from your exhaust, or how long should DPF last for. Hopefully this page will give you a bit of helpful information on DPF and how it works.

It is very common on modern diesel cars these days and so it should be good for several years, but statistics show that DPF faults and problems are on the rise.

Your vehicles exhaust is fitted with a filter, this filter is designed to capture soot particles from the car's exhaust. As this filter fills up it burns off these particles at high temperature, this process is called regeneration but it will only happen when the vehicle is driven at motorway speeds regularly.

If your vehicle has a DPF problem it is most likely to occur in vehicles which are only used for small trips to the shops or school run etc. In these cases the DPF clogs up and generally are lumped with a hefty bill to replace & repair. Depending on your vehicle it can cost over £3000.

This information might make you think twice about purchasing a modern diesel vehicle if you only use it for short trips.

There is a way around this though, and garages can remove the DPF from your exhaust for around £400, depending on your vehicle. DPF removal is illegal, but if removed will still pass it's MOT.

If your Diesel Particulate Filter is clogged or broken you will generally see one of the following dashboard warning lights or symbols. If the light appears on your vehicle the car will generally go into limp mode, which means the engine will be restricted and only allow you travel at slower speeds in order to get you home.

DPF diesel particulate filter warning light
dpf dash light
Clogged DPF
clogged dpf
There are products on the market which are designed to help clean the diesel particulate filter such as Wynn's DPF regenerator. For more information on this product you can visit the Wynn Website here.
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