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Garage Diagnostic Costs

In many cases, purchasing a diagnostic scanner for your own can be far more cost effective than taking your car to a garage to diagnose a fault. Depending on who you take your car to, prices can start from £60 and sometimes upto £110 for main dealer, and thats just to tell you that a sensor or other part within the vehicle is at fault, on top of that cost you will need to pay for the car part and the labour at the garage, and it will rarely be below the £200.

With the advice from our dash light guide you can save on these costs and do it all yourself for in the region of £60 to £100, plus you will gain the experience of doing the job yourself and you will own the diagnostic tool which can be used again and again on many different cars throughout your motoring career.

Some tips when buying a diagnostic scanner

  • Handheld generic scanners will only work on petrol models from 2001 or newer, and diesel models from 2004 or newer.
  • Most generic handheld code readers will only cover the engine module unless otherwise stated. If you require a scanner that covers other modules such as ABS or airbag you would need a more professional diagnostic tool.
  • Always speak to the seller of the diagnostic tool before you purchase a tool, unless you are 100% sure it will cover your vehicle and do the job you require.
  • Probably the best place to buy a diagnostic scan tool is Diagnostic World
  • You will probably need a completely seperate tool if you want to reset your service light.
  • You will probably need a completely seperate tool if you want to reset your airbag light.

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