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How Not To Get Ripped Off - Booking Driving Test

If you are soon to be booking your official DSA driving test you may wish to read this article before you do it - it could save you money. There are a lot of websites set up on the internet which are designed to look like the official DSA Direct Gov website but are in fact copy sites. These sites can often charge upto £130 to book your driving test, when in actual fact the official test only costs £62.

So how do you spot the real site from the fake sites. Below are a couple of screenshots from the official Direct Gov site where you will be offered a specific test date and time before any money is paid over. The image below is what you need to look for when searching for this site in Google. You can also just visit https://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test
official test page
The images shown below are examples of sites you need to stay away from. Note that the site is offering driving tests for £82 when the official test fee is £62.
So what do i do if i've been ripped off booking my driving test? Well it all depends on how you paid. If you paid through a payment site such as PayPal you can open a case and claim the money back. Failing that unfortunately you will not be able to claim it back. This information will be in the terms & conditions of the website (but who ever reads the terms & conditions right?)

One this we sould say, is that the test should still be booked for you, however do not expect a test date anywhere near the date you requested, they will simply take your information and go onto the official Direct Gov website to book the test at the lower rate of £62.

If, once your test is booked you decide to cancel your test and get the refund you will generally only recieve £62 back in return, this is because the extra money you paid is classed as a booking fee. So in this case you just need to learn from your experiences and take the hit.

This site is in no way connected with any of the sites mentioned in this article, we are simply trying to spread the word to the general public that these sites are ripping people off. We hope this has helped you.
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