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How To Save Fuel Tips

The car you drive will have a huge impact on your rate of fuel consumption. If you drive a 3.6 litre Porsche 911 and make a 20 mile drive you areobviously going to use more fuel than if you made the same journey in a 1 litre Nissan Micra.

That aside, there's nothing wrong with driving a high powered car and still trying to save a little bit of fuel, this guide will not in fact save you fuel, seeing as this is just a text document, however this text document if read carefully can change your driving habbits thus saving fuel.

This is the motoring equivalent to re-using plastic bottles, turning off the lights, showering instead of taking a bath etc, some may sound a little far fetched, but add them up over the year and you WILL have extra cash in your pocket at the end of the year.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

  • Servicing - Its important to get your car serviced regularly, servicing your car will ensure that your engine is running correctly and smoothly, this is very important for efficiency. If you engine is not running efficiently, it is probably burning more fuel than it needs to.
  • Oil - Are you using the correct engine oil? and has it been changed recently? Check your vehicle handbook for the correct oil type and make sure this is used when your vehicle is serviced.
  • Tyre pressures - Under inflated tyres can contribute a huge amount to poor fuel consumption, ensure they tyres are pumped up and you can find tyre pressures in your handbook.

Before you set off

  • Losing weight is crucial, not from your body (but that would help), but simple clearing out unneeded items from your rear seats & boot, how often do you travel around with things in the boot that simply arent needed for that journey?
  • Streamlinig, if you have anything like roof racks, bike carriers, trailers attached to the car that arent needed at that time, take them off, as they will simply cause drag, and use more fuel to get you down the road
  • Dont start your engine until you are ready to set off, starting the engine then getting kids in the car, filling your boot etc is just like burning money, so only start the engine when you're ready to go
  • Plan your route, if you get lost your using more fuel than you would normally be using, dont allow it to happen, either invest in a SAT NAV system, or use a route planning guide online before you leave
  • Combine trips together, if you need to do a few trips out through the day, why not join them all together, that way you arent making several seperate trips.
  • How far is the journey, are you just popping to the shop? Could you cycle it or even walk it? Walking definately saves fuel and gets you fit.


These are just a few fuel saving tips, it also helps if you do not floor it on every journey, at junctions you can set off slowly instead of revving your engine so hard that it blows your hat off.

You can check to make sure your engine is running efficiently by checking it for any faults. Use a car fault finder diagnostic tool to find out if your engine has any faults or problems that could be causing poor efficiency.

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