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iCarsoft i970 Peugeot & Citroen Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the iCarsoft i970 Peugeot & Citroen diagnostic kit. The i970 is a user friendly multi system multi vehicle diagnostic scanning machine that will tap into and diagnose the main systems within the vehicle. This is one of the most comprehensive diagnostic kits on the market.

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  • Gus Robinson, Kiama, Australia 5stars

Good afternoon Alistair.

I have followed your advice regarding fitment, and proceeded to use the diagnostic tool with ease on my Citroen C5 X7. It appeared to do the full diagnosis without any issues.
The set-up and operational procedure is very simple and even a novice should have no difficulty.
The "mini-screen" is very clear and easy to read, even with my aging eyesight.
I am most impressed with the product and what it appears to be offering.
I will now make an effort to impress a couple of friends with their Peugeot 308, Citroen C5, and Citroen DS4.

  • Will Craig, Edinburgh, UK 5stars

I bought the i970 tool for my Peugeot, not knowing an awful lot about cars i was hoping it would help diagnose the engine warning light on my Peugeot 308. It found the fault straight away and recognised that the camshaft sensor was faulty. I replaced the part and erased the fault code, which in turn removed the engine warning light. I was very happy with this kit and i have a bit more confidence to diagnose any future faults and give it a go at fixing myself. Thank you.

  • Jenny Watson, London, UK 5stars

My Citroen had the dreaded airbag warning light showing on the dashboard which i was told is quite common. This i970 tool arrived fairly quickly, and it was able to tell me where the fault was straight away (connections under seat) so hooked everything back together and now the airbag light is off my dash. It's a good kit, well made and now i do not need to visit the garage for a simple diagnosis.

  • Marcus Neeson, Bridgewater, UK 5stars

My wife has a Peugeot 106, and i drive a Peugeot 308. This tool covers both of our cars and has diagnosed them both for faults. The 308 was fault free but there was a problem with the IAT (air intake) on the Peugeot 106, so i think it might need a new MAF but will look into that another day. Basically it is a good kit and does what it is supposed to. The kit came to me with the latest software already uploaded onto the machine.

  • Alister Walsh, Netherton, UK 5stars

So far so good. My Citroen C4 had an ABS fault & warning light on speedo cluster. The tool diagnosed a fault in the rear right ABS sensor and was able to pick ne up for £20 and have it fitted by my brother in about 45 minutes. The light is now deleted from the speedo and i could not be happier after fearing that i was going to have to spend hundreds at the local garage.

  • Craig McDonald, Manchester, UK 5stars

No more trips to my rip off garage now to diagnose faults. I just hope any future problems are able to be dealt with by me. I despise going to the garage.

  • Lee McTiernen, Swindon, UK 5stars

Delivery was next day, the diagnostic tool is a great step forward for me, as my previous scanner was only able to diagnose engine faults, but i see this does other stuff like abs, airbags, radios etc. So looking forward to speding a few hours getting to know it. Not used it yet but looks quality and sturdy.

  • Martin Plaistow, Leicester, UK 5stars

The tool came quickly, and was able to reset the engine light on my girlfriends Peugeot 206. Easy job took 2 minutes. Will also be able to use on dads Peugeot people carrier.

  • Donald Davey, Hampshire, UK 4 stars

I have zero experience on using anything like this, so i bought to give it a go (retired and not much else to do) there is a lot on the tool i do not understand, like i figured out how to diagnose the engine, but the engine was listed as the type of engine, and not thw word engine. anyway i know a lot of people say this is a great tool which is why i bought it, and i'm slowly learning so i'm sure it will all sink in eventually.

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