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£99iCarsoft MHM V1.0 Honda, Mazda & Mitsubishi Multi System Diagnostic Reset Tool Engine ABS Airbags & Oil Reset

iCarsoft MHM V1.0 Honda Mitsubishi Mazda Acura Diagnostic Tool for Airbag ABS Engine Oil Service
iCarsoft MHM V1.0 Honda Mitsubishi Mazda Acura Diagnostic Tool for Airbag ABS Engine Oil Service
iCarsoft MHM V1.0 Honda Mitsubishi Mazda Acura Diagnostic Tool for Airbag ABS Engine Oil Service 2
iCarsoft MHM V1.0 Honda Mitsubishi Mazda Acura Diagnostic Tool for Airbag ABS Engine Oil Service 3
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iCarsoft MHM V1.0
MHM V1.0 is a professional and powerful vehicle fault diagnosis tool developed by iCarsoft Technology Inc. With a 4” TFT LCD and unique diagnostic software, it features full ECU diagnosis of single vehicle brand and test modes mainly include: CANBUS, ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 etc. It will enable technicians to accurately diagnose complex problems.

DID YOU KNOW, it can cost between £50 - £80 just for your local garage or dealer to hook up their diagnostic machine. This tool will tell you EXACTLY the same information. Once you have used this tool twice - it has already paid for itself.

Dash Warning ights

● MHM V1.0 can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on all the systems such as engine, transmission, ABS and airbag etc.

● Reset Oil Service Messages & Warnings

● Diagnose Parking Sensor Faults

● Read Data Stream
● Full ECU Diagnosis
● Applies to the entire models of Honda, Acura, Mazda & Mitsubishi equipped with OBDII-16 DLC (and 1997 to 2000 models with the 20 pin adaptor)
● Easy To Use With Metal Dome Keys
ABS/AIRBAG:Diagnoses ABS/ SRS system codes, Reads/clears codes of ABS/SRS system and turns off ABS/SRS warning light,Performs bi-directional tests such as cycling the ABS solenoids, Retrieves ABS/SRS ECU information etc.

Even if your car has no faults, the kit will serve as an essential HEALTH CHECK TOOL, so if you're keen to maintain your vehicle and ensure it is in good condition we recommend keeping one in your car/toolbox at all times.

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Q. Will this kit allow me to find out why my check engine light is illuminated?
A. Yes, the kit will let you read fault codes & will give you a description of the fault. It will also let you erase the fault codes and the check engine warning light.

Q. Will this kit allow me to find out why my SRS airbag warning light is illuminated?
A. Yes, the kit will let you read & clear the airbag fault codes and remove the SRS airbag warning light.

Q. Will this kit allow me to find out why my ABS, brake & traction control warning lights are illuminated?
A. Yes, this kit will let you read fault codes for the braking system. It will give you a unique fault code relating to a specific part of the abs system, for example 'rear left abs sensor' The kit will also allow you to erase the fault codes and dash warning lights.

Q. Will this kit allow me to reset the oil service messages?
A. Yes, this kit will allow you to reset the service warning lights & messages.


Product Reviews

5stars  Mike Johnson, Southampton, UK

I have been waiting for something like this for a while. This kit works perfectly on my Honda Civic. I mainly bought it because I needed to reset an airbag SRS light, but was also looking for something that would be able to work on other systems like engine, ABS/VSA/Traction and this kit does the job nicely. It's a very well made kit, easy to update (free updates for life which is a bonus) and looking forward to using it again. Cheers Diagnostic World, great kit. 

5stars  Bev Starnes, Texas, USA

Very VERY happy with this tool. Our Mitsubishi had a problem with the ABS system, we used this kit to diagnose it, and found a faulty ABS sensor which was replaced by my husband. We used the kit to erase the warning symbols and error codes. Easy to use, even for a compley newbie like myself.

5stars  Antony Ridley, Cardiff, UK

Lightweight, strong, simple to use and helped me solve a rough running issue in my Honda S2000. It turned out to be a faulty MAF sensor, but the kit diagnosed the fault correctly, and when i replaced the broken part the car ran great, and the engine warning light was cleared with this tool after just a few clicks. Thanks Guys really appreciate your help with this.

5stars  Damon Nelson, Widnes, Australia

In our family we have a Mazda 3 and a Mazda 6. The Mazda 6 had a fault warning light illuminated - ABS - so we bought this kit to diagnose it. The front right ABS sensor was no longer working according to the tool. We replaced the sensor in about 1 hour on our driveway, then erased the codes. The warning lights are no longer on the dashboard. Very nice kit to have in the glovebox.

4 stars  Gudjon Erlingsson, Fjardarbyggd, Iceland

Took a little longer to receive than I would have hoped, but when it finally arrived everything is good out straight of the the box. Plug in to the car which is a Honda and it allows to turn off the airbag light when I click the erase buttons. 

5stars  Jeff Morton, Swindon, UK

Great. I have a project Honda Civic that I'm working on for a road trip across europe and currently have a check engine and airbag light on the dashboard. I have solved the check engine light with a new MAP sensor and erased the symbol. I also know the codes for the airbag which I believe is a faulty sensor in the passenger seat so I am working on replacing that, and then hopefully turn off the airbag light. Thanks. Very good kit and would recommend to anybody who is thinking about this kit.

5stars  Erin Howe, Felixstowe, UK

Codes and warning light erased within about 3 minutes of plugging into the car (a Mitsubishi Colt). Very easy to use, simple navigation menu system which anybody can use. It has no batteries which I was a little confused about but later learnt that it takes its power from the car battery through the OBD plug. NICE!

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Latest Reviews...\r\n\r\nIan, Corby, UK\r\nGreat kit & great price\r\n\r\nRobert, Hull, UK\r\nSuper quick delivery, car now fixed\r\n\r\nDavid, Luton, UK\r\nCannot Fault a single thing\r\n\r\nSandy, Como, Italy\r\nEverything A OK A+++\r\n\r\nChris, Boston, USA\r\nFast delivery and good parts