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i980 iCarsoft Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the Mercedes Benz iCarsoft i980 diagnostic kit. The i980 is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your Mercedes. This is one of the most comprehensive tools for Mercedes we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Linsay Prosser, Pontnewydd, UK 5stars

Thank you so much for this. It's a present for my husbands birthday, so really pleased to have sourced this product. The product arrived today - the diagnostics worked a treat and he's really pleased with it. Thank you so much.

  • Ted Cawston, Cornwall, UK 5stars

I used the i980 and it showed that A4b1 sensor was defective. I replaced it and now no error codes and the parktronic system works. Thank you. Mercedes replaced 4 sensors at the front some time agi but the one that failed was an original. Although i paid £90 for the meter it would cost me about £170 to take it to Mercedes. Thank you again.

  • Clive Williamson, Aberdeen, UK 5stars

Arrived fast, reset my transmission limp mode & fault codes on my Mercedes A Class and also been able to read fault codes from othe systems like ABS (1 code) engine (3 codes) so looking forward to getting them sorted.

  • Peter Vardy, Middlesbrough, UK 5stars

This kit has saved my bacon. MOT was due so i ordered this to diagnose the airbag light in my C Class, with the fault now fixed i have been able to reset the airbag light and the car went straight through its MOT. I think it would have failed with the SRS light showing, but not sure. Thanks anyway.

  • Wes Farraday, Stoke, UK 5stars
Bought this simply because i wanted to sell my Mercedes, but wanted it to go with a clean bill of health, and means i can get more money. I did need to change over a coil plug and MAF, but these are common failures on this Mercedes. Cleared the faults and now just waiting for a sale on the car. I Will be buying another Mercedes so i can keep the scanner for the next car and keep on top of any maintenence.

  • Eddie Marsh, Birmingham, UK 5stars

The garage told me they were the only people who could reset my ABS light on my B Class, so i contacted Diagnostic World and they told me this was not true and suggested using the i980 kit to do it myself, i gave it a try, and guess what it worked. I reckon the garage are fleecing people left right and centre saying stuff like that, not me anymore though. Cannot credit enough the help i was given from Alistair at Diagnostic World.

  • Leon Bright, London, UK 5stars
If Diagnostic World and i were in prison together, i would protect them in the shower. They recomended this i980 to me to reset the engine warning light on my C Class Mercedes. Worked first time and very easy to use and understand.

  • Martin Jackson, Poole, UK 4 stars 2
The kit came quickly, at first it would not access the system in my car, they told me to update the kit with the update tool which i did, everything then worked fine. Took an extra day though to get everything working satisfactory, shame it just didnt do what i needed straight from the box. They told me that from now on though they update kits with newest software before sending out so they are aiming to do better for their customers which is a good thing.

  • Tom Wright, Barry, UK 5stars
I like it, but i wish there was am iCarsoft tool that would do all cars, not just for example 1 scanner for Mercedes, 1 scanner for BMW etc. Good product all the same.

  • Brian Crosby, Hyde, UK 5stars
This was my first experience with any sort of diagnostic tool, i do not really know what i am doing yet, and i do not have any faults on my car (that i know of) but really just wanted the kit to gain a bit of experience in this area, and so i can keep on top of any maintenence that is needed in my S Class. Thanks for the fast delivery.

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