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Launch CRP129 VIII Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the Launch CRP129 Kit, also known as the CReader VIII. The Launch CRP129 is a multi functioning diagnostic tool which covers engine, transmission, ABS & airbag systems, and additionally will reset oil service lights and brakes.

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  • Martin Hart, Bolton, UK 5stars

Had this tool for a week now and run a small garage. Already been able to do service resets on 3 cars, abs checks on 2 and found & cleared fault codes pretty easily. Easy to regsiter the unit online aswell.

Received mine earlier this week and i have to say i am very impressed. Allready i have sorted four vehicles and advised one owner what he needs to purchase to rectify his problem , i was amazed by the level of information available on the creader and the fact that it indicates in text where the problem is rather than just a fault code . i registered the machine with launch and was then able to update the software via the internet and you get the option to pick and choose different manufacturers , i opted not to add infinity and usa ford but updated everything else .took me about ten minutes to complete , this was then added to the sd card via the supplied adapter plugged in to the usb port on my laptop, replace the sd card in the reader and it updates automatically . like i said amazing product at the price, and i would say spent the little extra and buy the cr129 pro rather than a cheaper product that will do half what you need.

  • Colin Palmer, Manchester, UK 5stars

I was gonna buy the Launch CRP123 until i realised that it didnt cover Peugeot, Citroen & Renault which i need the tool to cover for my workshop. Since i spoke to the guys they told me that the CRP129 will actually cover these 3 vehicles so i got one. Very good coverage, very easy to use and loads all codes & modules within seconds.

  • Ian Johnson, Glasgow, UK 4 stars

So far this Launch VIII has worked out on my BMW E46, Merc A class and my sisters Peugeot 308.I reckon if i use it once more to diagnose a code i have already made my money back when you consider the garage will charge £50  time to hook it upto their diagnostic fancy machine, as far as i can see this does the same job.

  • Bobby Hilton, Surrey, UK 5stars

Done exactly what i wanted it to do, i had the airbag dash light showing on my BMW E46, and the ABS light showing my my partners mini, it diagnosed both of them no worries, and also now both dash lights have been removed, if only i knew it was this easy all along.

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