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Nissan Primera Diagnostic Testing

To ensure that our diagnostic tools actually do as they say they will, we will try to test as many kits as possible, on as many vehicles as possible. So when we are able to obtain a vehicle we will purposely trigger faults within these cars in order to trigger a fault/trouble code and dashboard warning light such as engine, ABS or airbags etc. On this occasion we were able to trigger these faults on a Nissan Primera. The photos below were taken when reading & clearing the fault codes on this vehicle. All of the tools we used on this vehicle are available through our stores. If you cannot find the tool your looking for please just email us.
Autel JP701 Clear Fault Codes
autel jp701 diagnose abs light
Autel JP701 Diagnose Airbag Fault Code 51 Nissan Primera P11
Autel JP701 Honda Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan
Autel JP701 Nissan ABS light diagnose
autel jp701 p0135 fault code
autel jp701 tester cannot communicate
Autel MD701 Nissan abs sensor fault code 25
autel md701 nissan menu
Autel md802 p0135 o2 bank 1 sensor 1 fault code oxygen lambda
autel ms300 diagnose o2 sensor fault p0135
Carsoft MI6 Engine Warning Light On Dash Cleared
Carsoft MI6 Nissan Engine Airbag Warning Light Clear
carsoft mi6 p0135 fault code
i810 Diagnose Nissan Fault Code MAF P11 P12
iobd2 clear nissan engine warning light iphone android
nissan abs fault front left sensor code 25
Nissan ABS Primera Micra Almera Warning Light Dash Symbol
Nissan ABS Warning Light Autel MD701 Clear Fault Code 25
Nissan Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve P1111 P0443 Diagnose
Nissan Engine Fault P0100 Mass Airflow Meter MAF
Nissan Fault P0100 P11 P12 engine warning light MAF problem
Nissan Fault P0135 Autel JP701
Nissan MAF 0280 218 094 22680 5U400
Nissan MAF Fault P0110 Fault Code Clear With Autel JP701
Nissan Maf P0110 Fault Trouble Code Autel MD701
Nissan Primera canister purge volume control solenoid valve
Nissan Primera P11 Airbag Light Fault Code Cleared Autel JP701
Nissan Primera P11 MAF Location
P0100 Autel AutoLing Al319 Diagnose Nissan Fault Codes
P0100 Maf Circuit Fault Code Nissan Autel MD701
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