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Rubbing Clicking Noise After Fitting Wheel Spacers

We have recently placed some 12mm spacers on our Porsche 911 however when driving the rear left wheel has a kind of rubbing noise on each rotation of the wheel, imagine a shhh, shhhh, shhh, shhh in quick succession every time the wheel is turned.

I know that some people also have a different noise when fitting spacers, and other noises reported are a clicking noise, or clinking metal sounding noise.

First thing to do is check the brake cover as it can sometimes bend and hit moving parts when driving, this is unlikely but still worth having a look.

in our situation, we found that the replacement bolts that came with the spacers were actually too big, and thus when bolted through the wheel hole, spacer then into the hub, it must have been catching on something, or rather brishing against it because our noise was a soft metal shhh shhh shhh noise.

Anyway, to stop this from happening we simply took a grinder and shaved about 1mm from each bolt, put them back on the wheel & took it out for a test drive.

I am delighted to now report that since doing this, the rubbing has stopped. We had done a little research and it appears that lots of people are experiencing different noises after fitting spacers, so have a little patience, try the approach we tried and it should work for you aswell. We have also created a video of the process.
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