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Stage 1 Car Tuning Explained

Generally, there are 3 main classes of vehicle tuning, and they are commonly reffered to as stage1, stage 2 & stage 3. But what are the main differences? Well when the stages are broken down it is actually quite easy to understand.

A stage 1 tune is an example of where on single item have been added to the vehcle in order to perform better, i.e give the car more Torque or BHP. The performance increases from a stage 1 tune up can vary quite a lot, and it all depends on how much you spend. For example you could class a K&N induction kit as a stage 1 modification and will only offer around 10bhp difference. If you were to add a chiptuning chip like the Dominator Sport Chip you could be looking at a performance increase of upto 31% and torque increase of upto 26%. Other types of stage 1 tuning are uprated exhausts, airfilter and uprated brakes.

It is worth noting that any of these stage 1 tuning modifications could cause your manufacturer warranty to be instantly null & void. You should always check with your dealer, or be prepared to forefit your warranty. If your vehicle is no longer in warranty there is no need to worry, but it still might be worth checking what side effects the stage 1 mod could have on your car.

The best value for money stage 1 mod in our opinion is the Dominator Sport Chip and can increase your BHP by around 31% and increase Torque by around 26%. These figures are the maximum acheivable, and may in fact be lower, so please check our listings for your vehicle.

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