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Stage 2 Car Tuning Explained

Generally, there are 3 main classes of vehicle tuning, and they are commonly reffered to as stage1, stage 2 & stage 3. But what are the main differences? Well when the stages are broken down it is actually quite easy to understand.

A stage 2 tune can be considered a modification that is suitable for the road or track going car. A stage 2 tuning modification generally requires there to be more that 1 additional part added to the vehicle, for example if you were to add a competition exhaust system, you may also have to change out the exhaust manifold and exhaust mounts to fit it. Another example is if you were to fit a turbo, you may also need to uprate the breaks so the vehicle will stop in a safe manner.

With stage 2 modifications it is expected that you should service the car more regualarly because there is a greater chance of something needing replaced quicker.

It should also be noted that because stage 2 modifications are always done with performance in mind. The manufacturer figures will also go out of the window, so the stock BHP and MPG will no longer be accurate. You will need to put your car on a Dyno to get the correct figures.

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