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What is an automotive diagnostic health check tool i hear you ask? Well..... in fact it is not one single tool, it could be a combination of diagnostic tools which plug into your vehicle diagnostic socket (normally a 16 pin socket) and will read the health of different systems within your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Type 1 - Diagnostic code reader & scan tool

The first type we will look at is the code reader & scan tool. There are many OBD1 & OBD2 code readers on the market but they will only read problem codes (or error codes as they are sometimes referred to) For a diagnostic code reader that will not only read & clear codes, but will also read freeze frame data that will tell you exactly what was happening in the vehicle when the fault occures. This freeze frame feature is vital if you are to correct the problem and erase the trouble codes succesfully. The diagnostic code reader that we recommend with the freeze frame data is the Launch CRP129 (Also known as the Launch Creader VIII)
Type 1 - Diagnostic Live Data Recorder

The second type of health check tool we will look at is the live data diagnostic tool. The live data is an incredibly useful tool if your vehicle has a fault that you are struggling to diagnose, read or clear. The live data toool plugs into the vehicle diagnostic port and is left there while the vehicle is driving. When the fault occurs within the vehicle, the live data recorder will record what is happeining within the vehicle for any occurences where something should have not happened, the results can be uploaded to your PC/laptop. It will record what has been happening in the run up to the fault occuring, and also record the state of the vehicle or module after the fault has occured, which can asses any long term damage the fault may be causing. Below we have two live data tools available, both are pretty much as good as the other, but the Launch live data recorder has the added incentive that it has won a motor award for diagnostic excellence.
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