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Volvo P2123 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Fault

A Volvo owner we know had the engine warning light or 'Check Engine' warning symbol appear in their Volvo dashboard. When we diagnosed the fault we got the trouble code P2123 (ECM-2123) along with the description of 'Accelerator pedal (AP) position sensor, circuit 1, signal too high.

The accelerator pedal has a built in sensor which had probably failed.

The pedal was removed and replaced with a new part, we were then able to clear the fault code and engine warning light. The warning light has not come back on since we replaced the accelerator pedal so we can assume that the fault has been fixed.

The new part cost £110 direct from Volvo, and fitting can take around 1 to 1.5 hours labour, or you can give it a go yourself if you are a competent DIY mechanic.

The tool we used to diagnose the fault was the Launch VIII

We did actually see another fault when we did the scan, the fault was D900 but the two are not related. The D900 fault relates to a break in communication for example the ECU was disconnected or the battery was dead or disconnected. The D900 fault should not generally be a cause for concern.
Volvo Fault Code ECM-2123 P2123
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