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VW Golf Enigne Warning Light Fixed P0420 & P0106

Here we have a VW Golf Mk4 which has the engine warning light showing on the dashboard. The Golf was a 1.6i petrol 2001 model 4 door se.

We hooked up the Autel GS500 OBD2 & EOBD scan tool to diagnose and read the fault codes. The fault codes we were given were P0420 & P0106 as shown in the pictures below. Our first thoughts were that it needed a new o2 sensor for bank 1, and a new MAP sensor.

We then did a little reading online and it looks like a few people have had this probem and posted about it on forums, and it seems that in most cases, the P0420 fault is being caused by the P0106 fault. So we first did a quick check for any vacuum leaks which were not present, so we decided to change over the MAP sensor, we then cleared the codes with our scan tool and hey presto the check engine warning light has turned off and after re scanning for the fault codes they have not returned. So we are pleased with the outcome, but would not like to say this would definately be the problem on your vehicle.

If you do have these codes, my advice would be to use this scanner to look at the freeze frame data, and it will give you the information about what condition the car was in and how the systems were operating just before the faults and engine light came on.

Check visually & listen for any vacuum leaks, and if you can't see or hear anything the chances are it will be the MAP sensor. MAP sensors are generally quite cheap and can be picked up from www.bavariandominator.co.uk

We hope this information has helped you and eventually leads to the check engine warning light being removed from your VW Golf or any other vehicle that you have this problem with.
VW Golf Mk4 engine warning light showing on dashboard
VW Golf Engine warning light Fault Code P0106 MAP Sensor fault performance
VW Golf Engine warning light Fault Code P0420 o2 sensor bank 1 fault
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