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Airbag ABS Warning Light Won't Turn Off After Reset

Have you tried to erase trouble codes or reset an ABS, SRS airbag or check engine light but it simply won't reset? Here at Diagnostic World we get this question quite a lot. So you have a dashboard warning light and you buy a scanner to try and diagnose then reset the fault codes & warning light.

It might be that you are trying to reset the warning light by selecting the erase codes button on your scanner, you might even be getting a message to say that the fault code has erased succesfully but the warning light keep re appearing.

Well the answer is simple, the actual fault has not been fixed or repaired correctly. A lot of people tend to think that the problem is with the scanner but it is not. 

We are going to use a Mini cooper as an example below. We have purposely triggered an airbag light. You can see the fault code we are getting is 02

When we try to reset the warning light by pressing the erase fault codes button watch what happens. The fault code reader (in this case the iCarsoft i910) tells us that the fault code has erased, but the dasboard airbag warning light has re-appeared on the dash.

This is quite a common occurance. It goes against the ethics of auto diagnostics to assume that a warning light can simply be erased without taking any action. The warning light on the dashboard is your cars way of telling you it needs help.

So there are generally 3 steps to keeping auto diagnostics simple.

1. Buy a scanner to diagnose the fault (note down the fault code, fault description and take to the internet for help if you are still unsure what to do)

2. Fix the issue. This generally required you to change a part or sensor.

3. Use your scanner again to erase the trouble codes and the warning light will turn off if the fault has been repaired correctly.
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