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What Is A Clocked Car? What Does Clocking Mean?

You may of overheard people talking about clocking cars, or asking how to clock a car? If your not quite sure what it means - it really is quite simple. The term clocking means to turn back the clock and when using it with regards to cars & other vehicles it basically means that the odometer (total miles covered) is actually lower than its true value. So for example if we have a BMW 3 series with 86,000 miles on the clock, and want the reading to say only 45,000 miles on the clock, once the procedure has been done the car has effectively been clocked.

Is Clocking or Mileage Correction Illegal?

There are two answers available as to weather mileage correction or 'clocking a car' is illegal, they are yes and no, it all depends of the reason or circumstance as to why you are carrying out the procedure.

If you are changing the mileage in a vehicle because it will be more attractive to potential new owners, and worth more money when you sell on, the procedure is illegal.

If you are changing the mileage because the clocks in your dashboard have failed, and need to replace them - this is acceptable, so long as you correct the mileage to the same as what it was just before the clocks failed.

You should not change the vehicle mileage if your vehicle is having a new engine put in it, you should simply document when the engine transplant took place so the new owner is aware whenit took place.
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