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£65OBDLink SX - OBD2 Compact Vehicle Diagnostic Laptop Based Kit (Read & Clear Faults)

OBD Link SX Diagnostic Scan Tool Laptop Kit Diagnostic World
OBD Link SX Diagnostic Scan Tool Laptop Kit Diagnostic World
OBD Link SX Diagnostic Scan Tool Laptop Kit Diagnostic World 4
OBD Link SX Diagnostic Scan Tool Laptop Kit Diagnostic World 1
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-Free UK delivery
-Worldwide delivery available
-Genuine OBDLink SX unit with instructions & software for use. Do not mistake this for a cheap chinese copy unit.
-Authorised OBDLink Dealer
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OBDLink™ SX is the perfect entry level scan tool designed for the do-it-yourself mechanic. Despite its modest price tag, it is packed with advanced features normally found in more expensive scan tools. Includes license key for the latest OBD diagnostic software. USB interface.

OBDLink™ SX quickly and accurately diagnoses engine problems and accesses performance parameters for all OBD-II compliant vehicles (except hybrid or electric vehicles). Use the software (included) on any Windows laptop, netbook, or PC and you have a sophisticated, easy-to-use diagnostic system — for a small fraction of the cost of comparable standalone units!

DID YOU KNOW, it can cost between £50 - £80 just for your local garage or dealer to hook up their diagnostic machine. This tool will tell you EXACTLY the same information. Once you have used this tool ONCE - it has already paid for itself.

OBDLink SX, allows you to:
► Turn off the check engine light, and erase stored diagnostic information
► Read and erase stored, pending, and permanent trouble codes (both generic and manufacturer-specific)
► Access freeze frame information
► Display, graph, and log 90+ real-time parameters
► Create custom digital dashboards
► Measure and display fuel economy
► And much more!

Key Features
► Plug-and-play design
► Maximum vehicle coverage (Verify your vehicle is OBD-II compliant)
► Fastest USB OBD adapter
► More 3rd party software options
► Free firmware updates
► Smart, keep-alive algorithm
► Large CAN memory buffer

    • Turn off Check Engine Light, and erase stored diagnostic information
    • Check Emissions Readiness
    • Read and Erase Trouble Codes (Generic and Manufacturer-Specific)
    • Display 60+ Real-Time Parameters

As a multi-protocol device, this interface is suitable for all the vehicles sold in the North America since 1996 and all vehicles Petrol in the EU since 2001 and Diesel since 2004 regardless of their makes. When in use, it automatically searches for a valid protocol.

 As a typical example, it lets you perform the following operations:

  • Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database)
  • Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
  • Display current sensor data, including::
    • Engine RPM
    • Calculated Load Value
    • Coolant Temperature
    • Fuel System Status
    • Vehicle Speed
    • Short Term Fuel Trim
    • Long Term Fuel Trim
    • Intake Manifold Pressure
    • Timing Advance
    • Intake Air Temperature
    • Air Flow Rate
    • Absolute Throttle Position
    • Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
    • Fuel System status
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Many others...

Multi-Protocol Support:

► ISO 15765-4 (CAN)
► ISO 14230-4 (Keyword Protocol 2000)
► ISO 9141-2 (Asian, European, Chrysler vehicles)
► J1850 VPW (GM vehicles)
► J1850 PWM (Ford vehicles)

What Are PC and OS Requirements?

    • You must have a Microsoft Windows system with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later installed on your computer.
    • Minimum hardware requirement:
    • Pentium 200MHz or faster
    • 64MB of RAM or more
    • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Driver
    • USB Port

What About Older Vehicles?

For European emission related standards, EOBD starting in year 2000 is the equivalent of OBD-II (ODB-2) in the US. There are three adapters, for Mercedes-Benz (38-pin), BMW (20-pin), and Volkswagen/Audi (2X2), are for those vehicles yet equipped with the OBD-II SAE J1962 data link port.

Latest Reviews...\r\n\r\nIan, Corby, UK\r\nGreat kit & great price\r\n\r\nRobert, Hull, UK\r\nSuper quick delivery, car now fixed\r\n\r\nDavid, Luton, UK\r\nCannot Fault a single thing\r\n\r\nSandy, Como, Italy\r\nEverything A OK A+++\r\n\r\nChris, Boston, USA\r\nFast delivery and good parts