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Audi A2 Dashboard Light Symbols

Dashboard warnings on your Audi A2 depend on the Audi Problem. It could be an indicator light for ABS, airbag, engine light or something else. There are many reasons why the dashboard shows warning lights and below is a list of the lights on the dashboard. You might need to buy a scanner online which will show Audi trouble codes & reset the warning light for good!
If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your Audi A2 we would advise you to go for the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner. It is extremely popular choice amongst Audi owners worldwide because it cover such a wide range of modules within the vehicle and has received excellent feedback from buyers.

If you need a new sensors to fix your Audi A2 such as ABS sensor, MAF, camshaft & crankshaft, visit www.bavariandominator.co.uk.

Audi A2 engine warning light - if the engine warning symbol lamp is illuminated on your dashboard it indicates a fault within the engine management system. This is classed as a serious fault and any further use could damage your engine. You may find that if you are driving the vehicle it will go into limp mode, which will restrict the engine to around 30mph to allow you to get home or to the garage. You can diagnose & replair the fault yourself by hooking your Audi A1 to the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scannerdiagnostic tool which will give you Audi trouble codes and further information about what the fault is. The chances are it will be a fault sensor or ignition coil, but you need to diagnose the fault before you can be sure. Once the fault has been diagnosed and fixed, you can use the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner to clear the fault code which will also clear the engine management light on the dash.

Audi A2 airbag SRS warning light - if the airbag symbol lamp is showing on your A2 dashboard it indicates a fault within the airbag system and needs to be checked out as soon as possible. To find the fault yourself you can hook the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner kit upto your diagnostic port which will give you the Audi airbag trouble code and tell you where the fault is located. Once the fault has been fixed (sometimes just a loose connection) you can use the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner to clear the fault code and the airbag light will be removed from the dashboard.

Audi A2 ABS warning light - if the ABS symbol lamp is illuminated on your dashboard it indicates there is a fault within the ABS system (or antilock braking system). You can diagnose your ABS warning light by hooking the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner kit upto your diagnostic port to diagnose the faut. Once you have found the fault (probably a faulty ABS sensor) and replaced it, the fault code & warning lamp can be cleared using the easy to use kit. If you drive the Audi A2 in the UK and present your vehicle for an MOT with the ABS light showing, it will fail, so this kit can aid your vehicle to pass an MOT aswell as saving you money.

Audi A2 EPC warning light - the EPC (Electronic Power Control) symbol lamp illuminated on your dashboard indicates a fault within the engine module and requires attention very soon. You should diagnose the fault as soon as you can to prevent any further engine damage and we suggest you use the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner which will hook upto your 16 pin diagnostic port. It will read/clear fault and trouble codes, and allow you to remove the dashboard warning lamp from the dash when the fault has been corrected.

Audi A2 glowplugs pre heating warning light - if the glow plug symbol lamp illuminates on your dashboard it means you should not start your engine until the symbol turns off. The light means that it is currently pre heating the engine in order to make it safe to start. This warning symbol will only show up in diesel engines.

Audi A2 ECO warning light - this symbol lamp illuminated on your Audi A2 dashboard indicates that your vehicle is in economy mode.

Audi A2 ASR/ESP/ traction control warning light - the traction symbol lamp illuminated on your dashboard indicates that there is a fault within this system if the light is showing steady and you should diagnose it with the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner diagnostic tool. The traction warning lamp in your Audi A2 will flash on and off when driving on inconsistent surfaces such as snow, ice etc.

Audi A2 handbrake warning light - this handbrake symbol lamp simply indicates that the handbrake has been engaged. When you take off the handbrake the light will turn off.

Audi A2 immobiliser warning light - this is the symbol lamp for the Audi immobiliser and indicates a fault within this system if it is illuminated. You should have it checked out by an Audi mechanic or use the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner kit to diagnose the fault.

Audi A2 battery alternator warning light - the Audi A2 alternator symbol lamp fault shows up as a red battery light. This basically means that your alternator is not charging the battery and should be replaced. Do not confuse this with the battery failure warning light as shown below.

Audi A2 battery warning light - if the battery symbol lamp shows up in the centre of your dashboard it indicates a fault with the battery and should probably be replaced. Before you replace it though, you can check the terminals to make sure they are connected correctly, and you can also carry out a test with a multimeter to check your battery health. Take a look at our video on how to check your car battery health. A healthy battery should be giving a reading of 12.6v

Audi A2 washer fluid warning light - this symbol lamp will illuminate on the centre dash section when you need to add water and screenwash to your water tank.

Audi A2 power steering warning light - the power steering symbol lamp will illuminate in the centre of the dash if there is a fault within this system. To diagnose the power steering fault in your Audi you should use the iCarsoft i908 Multi System Scanner kit which is excellent for reading & clearing faults at a dealer level.

Audi A2 oil level sensor warning light - this symbol lamp will show up when the engine oil level sensor has failed. You can replace your oil level sensor yourself and for most engine sensors you should visit www.bavariandominator.co.uk

Audi A2 oil level warning light - the oil MIN symbol lamp on your Audi A2 indicates that the oil level on your vehicle is too low and you should top up ASAP to prevent any damage to your engine. Engine oil is essential in the running of your engine.

Audi A2 brake pad warning light - the brake pad symbol lamp will illuminate on the dash when your brakepads are too low and need to be changed very soon. When you see this light you should act immediately and either change the brakepads yourself, or have them replaced by a qualified Audi mechanic or independant technician.
Audi A2 Dashboard Warning Lights & Symbols
1. Audi A2 rev counter
2. Audi A2 warning and indicator lamps
3. Audi A2 coolant temperature gauge
4. Audi A2 fuel gauge
5. Audi A2 speedometer
6. Audi A2 clock/date
7. Audi A2 control button for information
8. Audi A2 display for warning symbols
9. Audi A2 reset button for trip recorder
10. Audi A2 mileage recorder

If you need to find or clear a trouble code or dashboard warning light you will need to plug a diagnostic tool into the vehicle diagnostic port. Our partner store UK Pro diagnostics have produced guides for every diagnostic port so you should find the Audi diagnostic port location with ease.
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