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Chevrolet Spark Mk3 Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard warnings on your Chevrolet Spark depend on the Spark Problem. It could be an indicator light for ABS, airbag, engine light or something else. There are many reasons why the dashboard shows warning lights and below is a list of the lights on the dashboard. You might need to buy a scanner online which will show Chevrolet Spark trouble codes & reset the warning light for good!
If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your Spark we would advise you to go for the iCarsoft i900. Its an extremely popular choice amongst Chevrolet owners worldwide because it covers such a wide range of modules within the vehicle such as ABS, SRS airbags, transmission and has received excellent feedback from buyers.

If you need a new sensors to fix your Spark such as ABS sensor, MAF, camshaft & crankshaft, visit www.bavariandominator.co.uk.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 check engine warning light - if the engine symbol is illuminated in your Chevrolet Spark during normal operating conditions, it indicates a serious fault/malfunction in the engine system. In most cases the fault will be caused by a broken/faulty sensor like o2 sensor, map sensor, maf sensor, camshaft sensor or other. You can diagnose the fault location by using the GM iCarsoft i900 diagnostic kit. It will give you a unique fault code, and description of the fault and allow you to erase the codes and the dash warning light. If you see this symbol with a down arrow inside of it, it means the engine has reduced power and is in 'limp mode' the same applied where you can use the i900 kit to look at the fault codes, and erase them to take it out of limp mode.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 airbag warning light - the airbag symbol in your Chevrolet Spark indicates a serious fault in this system and should be checked out ASAP. If you are driving with this warning light illuminated it means the airbag system is not active. In most cases a loose connection will turn the light on, but even if you find the loose connection you will still need a diagnostic tool to reset the warning light. For the airbag system in your Chevrolet you can use the GM iCarsoft i900 diagnostic kit which will give you a unique fault code, and description of the fault. It will also allow you to erase the trouble codes and turn off the airbag warning light.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 ABS warning light - if the ABS symbol is illuminated in your Chevrolet Spark it indicates there is a serious fault in this system and you need to have it checked out because the braking system will not be working as intended. Generally you will also encounter the brake (!) and traction warning light appear at the same time. To diagnose the ABS system in your Chevrolet you should use the GM iCarsoft i900 diagnostic kit which will allow you to read & clear the fault codes, and also allow you to turn off the warning light once the fault is fixed. The chances are a dash light like this indicates a faulty ABS sensor (also known as a wheel speed sensor) but there is also a chance that the ABS pump or ABS module could be faulty.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 brake warning light - the brake (!) symbol in your Chevrolet Spark indicates a fault in this system. It will indicate that the handbrake is in the ON position. If the Handbrake is off and the light remains on you should check your brake fluid and top up as required. This will also illuminate with the ABS light (see above).

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 tyre pressure warning light - the tyre symbol in your Chevrolet Spark indicates that one or more tyres needs to be inflated. Please check your tyre pressures and top up as requied.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 traction warning light - the traction symbol in your Chevrolet Spark will illuminate if the car is driving over surfaces like snow or ice and the traction is not good (for example if the wheels are spinning in the snow). If the light is illuminated during normal driving conditions it means that there is a fault in this system.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 traction OFF - traction OFF symbol in your Chevrolet Spark indicates that the system has been de-activated or turned off. You can press the traction button to turn on or off as required.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 fuse warning light - the fuse symbol in your Chevrolet indicates a fuse has blown and they should be checked as soon as you get the chance to ensure that all systems are working as they were designed to.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 coolant temperature warning light - if the coolant symbol illuminates in your Chevrolet Spark it means that the engine is overheating and you should pull over and turn off the engine as soon as possible. Check your coolant levels (ONLY WHEN THE ENGINE HAS COOLED DOWN - DO NOT OPEN THE COOLANT CAP WHEN ENGINE IS HOT) You should also check the coolant/expansion tank for any leaks as they are prone to leaking.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 cruise control warning light - the cruise symbol simply indicates that the cruise control system is active.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 oil can warning light - this is the oil pressure warning symbol in your Chevrolet Spark. If this is illuminated during normal driving conditions it indicates that the oil level might be low so please use your dipstick and check oil level then top up as required. If the oil level is within limits you should contact your local Chevrolet workshop or local garage.

Chevrolet Spark Mk3 battery warning light - the battery symbol in your Chevrolet Spark indicates that there is a fault in the charging system. Do not assume that the battery is faulty - instead you should have the charging system checked out by your Chevrolet workshop or independant garage.
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If you need to find or clear a trouble code or dashboard warning light you will need to plug a diagnostic tool into the vehicle diagnostic port. Our partner store UK Pro diagnostics have produced guides for every diagnostic port so you should find the Chevrolet diagnostic port location with ease.
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