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i905 Toyota & Lexus iCarsoft Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the Toyota & Lexus iCarsoft i905 diagnostic kit. The i905 is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your Toyota or Lexus. This is one of the most comprehensive tools for Toyota/Lexus we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Wes Pelton, Slough, UK 5stars

I used this i905 kit to find faults in my Toyota Celica engine module. The car was running terribly, so i bought the kit to diagnose it. The engine light was also showing on the dashboard. The kit told me that there was a fault in the air intake circuit, believed to be the MAF, and igniton 1 & 3 were misfiring. I replaced the MAF, and ignition coils, then reset the fault codes. Started the engine and everything is running perfectly again. Thanks to the i905 kit i think ive gone and saved myself quite a bit at the garage - i'm always willing to get my hands dirty.

  • Michael Rawlings, Manchester, UK 5stars

Our two daughters both have a Toyota Yaris each, so it is always my job to make sure they are fixed when any of them have a fault or problem. I spoke to the guys @ Diagnostic World who assured me that this iCarsoft i905 would cover both Toyota Yaris' - and it did. Only minor faults to report so far, but the speed of the kit is impressive and from start to finish i ws able to diagnose a fault code within around 45 seconds. Faultless peice of kit and in a sad way i am kind of looking forward to the next problem so i can diagnose & try my hand at fixing it. Happy customer over here.

  • Peter Hendry, Luton, UK 5stars

My Toyota Avensis has the dreaded airbag warning light displaying in the dashboard. Bought the i905 kit to find the fault. It was a fault in the passengers squib underneat the seat, had to replace the connector but once i did that, i reset the fault codes and the airbag light stopped flashing. A worthy addition to any Toyota owners tool kit.

  • Nick Sellers, Maryport, UK 5stars

I have used this kit quite a bit now. Very well built, robust, and does what it says on the tin. Have diagnosed problems in different cars for engine warning light, and ABS warning light. I am handy with tools so do all of my own work, this diagnostic device makes my job a whole lot easier, i was impressed with the system coverage aswell.

  • Ben Lyons, Wirral, UK 5stars

My Corolla has an engine misfire so i bought this kit to try and find the fault. I am not the best at mechanics so bought the tool to try and learn some new stuff. It has helped, i need to replace an igniton coil, and will be trying to do this at the weekend. wish me luck thank you and god bless.

  • Michelle Stevenson, Barking, UK 5stars

I have a faulty airbag light which keeps flashing on and off every so often. The i905 kit arrived in 2 days, and i have diagnosed the problem, i got the fault codes, just need to figure out what they mean and hopefully this will let me turn off the airbag light when i fix it. I already tried to clear the fault codes and airbag light, but they just came straight back, possibly because the fault was not fixed.

  • Leon West, Brighton, UK 5stars

Works fine and even updated the software on the machine lastnight. Very easy to do. I also have a Mercedes, so will be looking to buy the i980 aswell.

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