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i908 iCarsoft Reviews Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda

Here are some customer reviews for the Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda iCarsoft i908 diagnostic kit. The i908 is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda. This is one of the most comprehensive tools we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Eric Harman, Swindon, UK 5stars

We have a 2008 VW Golf & a 2007 Vw Jetta. This tool has worked perfectly on both cars and connects to the major modules like engines, abs etc. Cleared a couple of faults nothing serious, but i have confidence in the diagnostic tool going. Very handy tool to have as it gives me an indication of weather i will be able to fix the problem by doing a bit of research, or if i need to hand to a garage, at least i have the knowledge of what is already the problem, if anything to find out if they are giving me the run around.

  • David Hunter,  Barrow, UK 5stars

I had the engine light showing on my Audi A3, this tool gave me the fault code and description which was an O2 sensor needed replacing. Have not got round to doing the job yet but at least i know it is nothing too serious.

  • Wes Farraday, Stoke, UK 5stars

Diagnosed the airbag light in my VW Polo within seconds. The light had been bugging me for months, now all sorted and airbag light removed.

  • Alistair Glenny, Southport, UK 5stars

Turns out i needed a new ABS sensor which i bought for £20 and fitted myself, the i908 kit told me it was the rear right abs sensor. I changed it over and cleared the codes, the warning lights have gone and i feel good that i did it all myself.

  • Ian Pugh, Falkirk, UK 5stars

I'm 68 and still learning. This tool though, is very easy to use, and navigate through the menu. It read the fault codes in our Audi A4 (new ignition coil needed). Reset the light and we're sorted. Thank you to the guys at Diagnostic World who advised me to get the i908 iCarsoft tool for my Audi. A+++++

  • Bill Watson, Bristol, UK 4 stars 2

We have a Skoda Fabia, Seat Leon & my son has a Golf, so this kit seemed to fit the bill as it covers all 3 cars for the big systems. Very easy to use, buttons well set out and has a quality feel to it. Good support aswell from Alistair @ Diagnostic World - who always made himself available to help me when i got stuck. Ive also updated my i908 kit and was easy to do, but you do need an internet connection for this. Pretty straight forward and a good investment in my eyes. Had it for 4 months now.

  • Paul Bright, Lincoln, UK 5stars

Tried 2 other scanners for my 1998 golf and was starting to loose my patience. The i908 came and worked. THRILLED to bits. Engine light cleared.

  • Paul Schaedel, Leamington Spa, UK 5stars

Thank you so much for a fantastic product did exactly what was claimed wish I had purchased this earlier.

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