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i910 iCarsoft Reviews BMW & Mini

Here are some customer reviews for the iCarsoft i910 diagnostic kit. The i910 is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your BMW & Mini. This is one of the most comprehensive tools for these cars we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Robert Shields, Doncaster, UK 5stars
I bought the i910 kit so i could diagnose the EML light on my E46 3 series. It found the problem straight away and give me a fault code and description for the camshaft sensor which i had replaced. The light is now gone and car drives without fault again. A very handy kit to own and keep in the glovebox.

  • Colin Gadsden, Morpeth, UK 5stars
The ABS light was flickering on & off for about 2 months in my BMW X5. The i910 kit found the fault straight awat, and pointed towards the rear left ABS sensor which i bought for £20. It was a bit of a pain to fit but got there in the end, and the flikering is no more. I ordered on the Saturday morning, and it arrived Monday morning so pretty impressed with the delivery speed also. Thanks A**** 5 stars.

  • Rolf Angus, Aberdeen, UK 5stars
Just needed a quick reset tool because i accidentlly set off the airbag warning light in my Chevrolet Spark. When i I have a BMW 5 series & 3 series. There is nothing wrong with the 5 series but the 3 series has an airbag light illuminated. So far i have found there to be a problem with the pre tensioner on the passenger side seatbelt, so i will look into this further and decide what needs to be changed over or repaired. I wouldn't have had a clue though had it not been for this i910 diagnostic kit.

  • Harry Ord, Southampton, UK 5stars
This is given me a lot of information on my Mini. I bought a cheap Mini to do up but it had the ABS & engine EML warning lights on the dashboard. The ABS light was for a front ABS sensor which i swapped over pretty easily, and the EML light was because an o2 sensor was faulty, again i changed it over with relative ease and erased the codes, no warning lights and this Mini is well on its way to being back on the road. Fast delivery and ready to use straight out of the box. Can not fault this kit one single bit.

  • Robin Mills, Carlisle, UK 5stars
Delivery was a little slow, but it was over the Christmas period so i guess this is normal. The engine light is illuminated on my BMW X3 and so far it has given me 3 fault codes, i can't remember them from the top of my head (its just letters & numbers) but they relate to O2, airflow & misfire cylinder 2. So i need to look into them a little further and i'm sure ill get it fixed. Its been off the road for about 2 years while i was travelling. Thanks to Diagnostic World though for recommending this kit, it does look to be a very competent and sturdy kit which will last a long time.

  • Peter Hardy, London, UK 5stars
I have a 1999 E36 convertible. I have tried cheaper diagnostic tools which do not work, they just keep giving me a communication error, i told the people at Diagnostic World this and they knew the issue straight away, they advised me that i would need the i910 with a special round adaptor which i also bought from them and hey presto, connection success and have found some fault codes easily about the SRS light. I am relieved that i have eventually found something that works and meets my needs. Credit where it is due to Diagnostic World.

  • Susan Henderson, Poole, UK 5stars
We have 4 BMW's in our taxi business and I was in the process of buying diagnostic tools for all of our cars just to keep on top of any running issues. The i910 so far has served us well and scanned all 4 BMW's no problems. Will be buying more from Diagnostic World as we also run Audi, VW etc....

  • Petr Nuromed, Thermal, USA 5stars
Had this shipped to US from UK as another guy on our forum bought one and said it was the tool to have for handheld use. He was right, I only had an ABS fault in my 7 series, but it has also scanned my engine & airbags systems but no errors show. Good to have though incase of any problems. Oh, and fast delivery from UK, it took about 6 days. A+++++++  

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