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LR-II iCarsoft Reviews Land Rover Jaguar

Here are some customer reviews for the LR-II iCarsoft diagnostic kit. The LR-II is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your Land Rover or Jaguar. This is one of the most comprehensive tools for these cars we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Kev Townsend, Hull, UK 5stars
I bought this for my Range Rover Sport and wanted to diagnose a check engine light and needed to reset the service message. The LR-II kit came within 2 days of ordering and was easy to use straight from the box. The check engine light was illuminated because of a faulty MAP sensor which i have since replaced and removed the engine light. I also reset the oil service message as i decided to carry out my own service on the car. A great kit all in all, and one i can always refer to if i ever get a warning light again. Ideal for me as i live quite far from the nearest garage and even further from the nearest Land Rover dealership. A++++ highly recomended from me.

  • Mel Hutchinson, Skegness, UK 5stars
Thanks for the fast delivery. We have so far only used this to locate a fault in the ABS system of our Freelander 2, and it found a faulty rear left side ABS speed sensor, so that was replaced and the light was turn off fairly easily. I will be doing the oil service on this so this is another reason i have gone for this kit so i can get the service inspection message light reset. Thanks.

  • Ian Boyd, Leicester, UK 5stars
I bought the LR-II diagnostic package to find a problem in my Jaguar X-Type. The SRS airbag light is on, and i have since recieved the kit and found there is a problem with a sensor on the passenger side seat so once i get that replaced i will clear the light. Good piece of kit, well made, well presented, the screens are easy to navigate through with strong buttons. I would recommend this kit to anybody with a Jaguar or Land Rover.

  • Joshua Peterson, Middlesbrough, UK 5stars
We reset the service interval lights on our Jaguar XF really quickly. Very easy to use. I also had a quick diagnose of the other systems to see if there were any problems that i wasn't aware of and found a problem with one of the camshaft sensors so will need to investigate further, but until the check engine light comes on i will leave it as it is. NICE A+++++

  • Keith Fowler, Warwick, UK 5stars
I had tried a different kit at first to diagnose the ABS warning lights on my Range Rover which was useless. The people at Diagnostic World knew straight away when i told them about the other kit that it would have never worked, so they know what they know. They advised me to go for the lr-2 kit as it would find the fault instantly - and it did. Very pleased i spoke to them, the problem was actually a faulty ABS pump which was replaced and noe everything has been reset and no more dash lights. Great stuff thank you.

  • Martin Kettle, Peterborough, UK 5stars
Service lights removed with ease on my Range Rover. Fast delivery thank you kindly.

  • Mary Carter, Telford, UK 5stars
Recommended to be on the Range Rover Forums. I took a chance and am very pleased with it. I have a Land Rover Discovery 3 with the 3 Amigo's warning lights. The kit succesfully told me where the fault was. A few days later when the part arrived i fitted it (took about 1 hour to change the ABS sensor) and now the codes are reset with the light having turned off. I will also use this for any other faults and when servicing the Disco myself.

  • Alistair Brown, Glasgow, UK 5stars
Top service, top advice, and the kit arrived in 2 days. I put it to work straight away and found a lot more wrong with the car than i first thought, but one step at a time i am fixing it up because it has been off the road for 5 year (it was previously abused) Next stop for me is to change an O2 sensor. Thank you so much.

  • Malcolm Price, Manchester, UK 5stars
Thanks love the kit now my Discovery is back on the road in time for MOT test (which it flew through) - feel like throwing a garden party, but that would be silly. Excellent recommended highly.

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