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£450Genuine Foxwell NT644 AutoMaster Pro, All Systems + Engine ABS Airbags SRS DPF EPB OIL BATTERY

Genuine Foxwell NT644 Diagnostic World
Genuine Foxwell NT644 Diagnostic World
Genuine Foxwell NT644 Diagnostic World
Genuine Foxwell NT644 Diagnostic World
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Genuine Foxwell NT644 AutoMaster Pro.

Delicately developed by the most distinguished experts of the industry, NT644 provides workshops, technicians and enthusiasts alike affordable professional diagnostic solutions. It stands out in a variety of similar tools by delivering wider coverage of vehicles, more accurate diagnosis, more reliable performance and better user experience.

Dash Warning ights

In A Nutshell

1. Coverage includes over 50 manufacturers
2. Works on the latest models & covers all of the main systems like engine, abs, airbags, transmission, parking sensors, power steering, alarm, central locking, air conditioning & much much much more.
3. Dealer level oil light service light reset functions on 32 manufacturers
4. Advanced EPB/DPF functionalities (including forced regeneration)
5. Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide
6. Reads and clear codes and turns off MILs of all systems (engine, abs, airbags, transmission, DPF)
7. Requests and records live sensor data
8. Provides live data graphing
9. Merges PID graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
10. Displays freeze frame data
11. Retrieves ECU information
12. Supports all 10 OBDII test modes, such as live data, O2 sensor test, component test and more
13. Enhanced OBDII Mode 6 functionality
14. Code troubleshooters provide you faster and easier diagnosis
15. Multilingual menu options and code definitions
16 SD memory card for data backup and software update
17. As easy as 1-2-3 with large TFT color screen and menu-driven operations
18. Ergonomic design and ruggedly built for both shop and road tests

Even if your car has no faults, the kit will serve as an essential HEALTH CHECK TOOL, so if you're keen to maintain your vehicle and ensure it is in good condition we recommend keeping one in your car/toolbox at all times.


Display: Backlit, 480272 TFT color display
Working Temperature: 0 to 60 (32 to 140)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70 (-4 to 158)
External Power: 8-18 Volts powered by vehicle battery

Vehicle Coverage & System Coverage

D = Diagnostic coverage ALL system (engine, abs, airbags, transmission etc)
E = Electronic Parking Brake coverage
O = Oil service reset coverage
P = DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) functions available
B = Battery replacement/validation functions available

Generic Coverage:

European Makes:
Aston Martin (D/O)
Abarth (D/O)
Alfa Romeo (D/O/P)
Audi (D/E/O/P/B)
Bentley (D/E/O/P)
Bugatti (D/E/O/P)
Citroen (D/E/O/P/B)
Dacia (D/P)
Fiat (D/O/P)
Ford Europe (D/E/O)
Jaguar (D/E/O/P)
Lancia (D/O/P)
Land Rover (D/E/O/P)
Maybach (D/E/P)
Mini (D/E/O/P)
Mercedes Benz (D/E/O/P)
Opel (D/E/O/P)
Peugeot (D/E/O/P/B)
Porsche (D/E/O)
Renault (D/E/O/P)
Rolls Royce
Seat (D/E/O/P/B)
Skoda (D/E/O/P/B)
Sprinter (D/O/P)
Vauxhall (D/E/O/P)
Volkswagen (D/E/O/P/B)
Volvo (D/E/O/B)

Asian Makes:
Acura (D/E/O/P)
Daewoo (D)
Ford Australia (D)
Holden (D/O/B)
Honda (D/E/O/P)
Hyundai (D/E/O)
Isuzu (D/O)
Infiniti (D/O/P)
Kia (D/E/O)
Lexus (D/E/O/P)
Mahindra (D)
Mazda (D/O)
Mitsubishi (D/O/P)
Nissan (D/O/P)
Perodua (D)
Proton (D)
Scion (D/E/O/P)
Subaru (D)
Suzuki (D/O)
Ssangyong (D)
Toyota (D/E/O/P)
Tata (D)

USA Makes:
Chrysler (USA only) (D/O/P)
Ford USA (D/E/O)
GM (D/E/O/P)

 FREE lifetime updates
 EASY to use for first time & experienced users

Package List

1 pc x NT644 Scan Tool
1 pc x Users Guide
1 pc x Memory Card
1 pc x USB Cable
1 pc x Diagnostic Cable
1 pc x Blow molding case


Product Reviews

5stars  Pete Sanchez, Belfast, UK

This NT644 is a super piece of diag equipment. I have so far used it on about 15 vehicles as i run a mobile mechanics business. I previously had about 15 indicudual kits but this pretty much does everything in one swoop. Faults from abs, traction, engine, airbags, parking sensors, power steering, air conditioning, central locking, DPF and a whole load more. Very good from me and please i came across this tool. A+++++++

4 stars  Marco Benitez, Valencia, Spain

All is ok for the NT644 as I have to reset the aerbag light on this Lamborghini Gallardo which it was helpful to do this in a few minutes and the tool was coming soon from UK in about 4 days. I also got to use it on BMW and Mercedes which is easy to switch between the softwares with the menu. Very helpful and genuine kit as I know there is fakes on the streets and are not so good.

5stars  Charlie Oster, London, UK

This packaged is well priced for the functions it offers. We run a high end car dealership here in London which mainly sells Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maserati. It's refreshing to hear from Alistair at Diagnostic World that this kit would cover all of these cars and it absolutely did. Very pleased with the customer service and help when looking for a suitable kit. 

5stars  Christopher Linkin, Edinburgh, UK

The reset tool works very well indeed. So far I have used this on a Mercedes E Class W212 for the airbag light, a BMW 3 Series F30 (also airbag light) a Ford Mondeo for ABS/traction faults and a Porsche 911 991 to diagnose an emission system fault. Very easy and quick to use and the carry case is sturdy and well made. Thanks.

5stars  Mike Muir, Glasgow, UK

I run a small but busy car workshop garage here in Glasgow and we constantly need to diagnose faults on incoming faults. The previous tools we were using were not very reliable so we have upgraded to the NT644 Pro and has so far proved very useful and allows us to find faults very fast. Thanks for fast next day delivery.

5stars  Andrew Preston, Dorset, UK

The tool took 3 days to arrive when I ideally needed it the next day. The tool works fab, but the registration and updating is a little complicated for my liking but i got there after about 1 hour.

5stars  Ian Kindell, Norfolk, UK

Thanks. Fast delivery and performs exactly as required. I needed it to do an oil service reset in my Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and worked first time of asking.

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Latest Reviews...\r\n\r\nIan, Corby, UK\r\nGreat kit & great price\r\n\r\nRobert, Hull, UK\r\nSuper quick delivery, car now fixed\r\n\r\nDavid, Luton, UK\r\nCannot Fault a single thing\r\n\r\nSandy, Como, Italy\r\nEverything A OK A+++\r\n\r\nChris, Boston, USA\r\nFast delivery and good parts