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VW Golf Mk4 Dashboard Light Symbols

Dashboard warnings on your VW Golf depend on the VW Problem. It could be an indicator light for ABS, airbag, engine light or something else. There are many reasons why the dashboard shows warning lights and below is a list of the lights on the dashboard. You might need to buy a scanner online which will show VW  trouble codes & reset the warning light for good!
If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your VW Golf we would advise you to go for the Autel GS500 iCarsoft i908. Its an extremely popular choice amongst VW owners worldwide because it covers such a wide range of modules within the vehicle and has received excellent feedback from buyers.

If you need a new sensors to fix your VW Golf such as ABS sensor, MAF, camshaft & crankshaft, visit www.bavariandominator.co.uk.

VW Golf Mk4 airbag warning light - if this light comes on during nowmal vehicle operation it indicates a probem within the Golf airbag system or module. You can find out where the problem is by using the iCarsoft i908 which will locate the problem. Once the problem is located and fixed the light can be removed. The most likely cause for the airbag light to illuminate on the Golf Mk4 is a loose connection somewhere within the airbag system. We stock the airbag tools for your Golf Mk4.

VW Golf Mk4 ABS warning light - if this illuminates in your Golf Mk4 it indicates there is a problem within the ABS (anti-lock braking system) and most likely to need a replacement ABS sensor however this in not always the case. The best advice we can offer is to use the iCarsoft i908 which will diagnose the Golf ABS system and let you know exactly where the fault is occuring. Once the problem has been fixed the ABS light can be removed from the dashboard and the vehicle will start to brake again using the ABS system, the way it was designed to.

VW Golf Mk4 engine warning light - if illuminated during normal operating conditions it indicates a fault within the engine and needs to be looked at before further damage occurs. You should use a diagnostic tool such as theiCarsoft i908 kit from the VW diagnostic code reader section to diagnose. The chances are it will be a sensor that needs to be replaced such as camshaft, crankshaft, O2 etc. Replacement sensors can be found @ www.bavariandominator.co.uk

VW Golf Mk4 battery warning light -if this light comes on during normal operating conditions it means that th battery in your VW Golf Mk4 is not being charged. This could be because the battery which is currently fitted is incorrect, or the alternator may be failing. This needs to be checked out as soon as possible at your local VW workshop or independant VW garage.

VW Golf Mk4 brake system warning light - this warning light will illuminate when either the handbrake is on, or the brake fluid level is too low - the ignition must be switched on for this light to illuminate. If your Golf Mk4 is also fitted with the ABS system, this light will also illuminate along with the ABS light if there is an issue with the ABS system (See ABS light on this page for more info). Check your brake fluid levels as soon as possible to avoid your brakes not working as they should.

VW Golf Mk4 coolant warning light - if this coolant light is illuminated in your Golf Mk4 it will either indicate one of two things. It could mean that your coolant level is too low. Check your coolant level without delay and top up if required. If your coolant level is already topped up to the required level it means that the cooling system is overheating and needs to be rectified straight away - the longer you leave it the more damage you will be causing to your engine. Possible problems which cause overheating are thermostat failure, or part of the cooling system leaking. Have it checked out by your local VW repair workshop.

VW Golf Mk4 engine oil pressure warning light - check your engine oil levels and top up as required. If the engine oil pressure light remains on it could indicate that the oil level sensor in your VW Golf Mk4 is faulty and needs to be replaced.

VW Golf Mk4 trailer signal warning lights - illuminate when turning left, right or using hazard lights.

VW Golf Mk4 main beam dash light - indicates that the main beam is on, or will light up when you activate the flasher.

VW Golf Mk4 glow plugs warning light - this is only applicable for diesel engines. When the engine is cold this light will illuminate when the key is switched to the ignition on position. It is only safe to start the engine when this light goes out which can vary in time depending on how cold the engine is. If the glow plugs light does not illuminate when the igition is switched on it effectively means there is a malfunction within the glowplugs system and needs to be checked out by your local VW workshop.

VW Golf Mk4 seatbelt warning light - illuminated means one or more passengers has not fastened their seatbelt. Buckle up!

VW Golf Mk4 traction warning light - indicates that the vehicle does not have the correct traction for the surface of road, proceed with care. If light remains on use the iCarsoft i908 to diagnose the problem, your vehicle is not performing as it should.

VW Golf Mk4 washer fluid warning light - indicates that your washer fluid is low and needs to be topped up.

VW Golf Mk4 open door warning light - indicates that a door is not closed correctly, please check all doors are closed securely.

VW Golf Mk4 brakepad warning light - indicates that the brakepads on your VW Golf need to be changed as they are worn out.

VW Golf Mk4 pre heat/glow plugs warning light - will illuminate when ignition is turned on. When this light goes out it is safe to start the engine. The light will only show on diesel vehicles.

VW Golf Mk4 press brake warning light - for automatic vehicles it indicates that you must depress the brake pedal in order to start the vehicle.

VW Golf Mk4 cruise control warning light - indicates that the cruise control option has been activated.
golf mk4 dashboard
1 - VW Golf Mk4 trailer turn signals indicator light
2 - VW Golf Mk4 cruise control system warning light
3 - VW Golf Mk4 operate foot brake warning light
4 - VW Golf Mk4 rear fog light warning light
5 - VW Golf Mk4 glow plugs warning light for diesel vehicles
6 - VW Golf Mk4 turn signal indicators
7 - VW Golf Mk4 coolant temperature/level warning light
8 - VW Golf Mk4 brake wear monitor warning light
9 - VW Golf Mk4 main beam indicator light
10 - VW Golf Mk4 low fuel warning light
11 - VW Golf Mk4 traction control system warning light
12 - VW Golf Mk4 anti lock brake system warning light (ABS light)
13 - VW Golf Mk4 electronic immobilizer warning light
14 - VW Golf Mk4 brake system warning light
15 - VW Golf Mk4 alternator warning light
16 - VW Golf Mk4 SRS airbag warning light
17 - VW Golf Mk4 engine management warning light
18 - VW Golf Mk4 engine oil/pressure warning light
19 - VW Golf Mk4 door or tailgate open warning light
20 - VW Golf Mk4 screen wash level warning light
21 - VW Golf Mk4 exhaust emissions warning light
22 - VW Golf Mk4 seatbelt warning light
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