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Autel MS906bt Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for the Autel MS906bt MaxiSys Mini. The MS906bt is a wireless professional high end diagnostic package which does not dissapont. It has the ability to read & reset systems old and new, and covers adaption, actuation, service resets plus much much more. This is possibly the most comprehensive tool for anybody working in a garage/workshop environment or looking after a wide range of cars.

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  • Ben Johnston, Cheshire, UK 5stars

We work with many high end cars daily as a seller and service centre for marques such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley etc... We have used this kit a few times now and although i have not used many of the features just yet, i have managed to diagnose & reset airbag lights, ABS lights & more on these types of cars. It really makes our life a whole lot easier, and saves our customers (in some cases) a 700 mile round trip to the dealer which can be quite a hassle. So yes, we rate the MS906 kit very highly and would recommend it to anybody who owns or looks after a wide range of cars. The only drawback at the minute to this kit is that it does not cover Aston Martin. We often get customers with airbag lights on in their Aston's, so would like to see an update for this kit which includes Aston Martin diagnostics. Regarding the price, we were considering buying the Leonardo diagnostic package, however to get what we need out of it, it would have cost around £20k. You can see now why the MS906 is such an attractve package.

  • Pierre Garton, Paris, France 5stars

We buy the MS906 bt Mini to uses in Ferrari only. It works good and help me to uses customers car and reset symbols. In truth, it also works on other cars like BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes and all the others, but for us Ferrari is the main goal. Very happy. 

  • Trevor Pierce, London, UK 5stars

Hi Guys. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the package. Your help and professionalism was second to none. As you know from my emails, i own a Lamborghini Gallardo, Aventador and a Ferrari F430. I am pleased to report that the tool works perfectly on all 3 of these cars. I also have a few other cars which it also works on, however these 3 were the main reason for buying the kit. The information it provides, and speed of conecting and reading codes is super. The updates are easy to apply, and navigation through the screens and pages is slick like you would expect for a kit of this price. So just a token of my appreciation you are welcome to visit my collection anytime and take a ride in one of these cars. A+++++++++++

  • Pete Metcalfe, Swindon, UK 5stars

Impressed with the kit. SO far we have used it on a handful of cars BMW, Mercedes, Kia, Porsche and VW. It has worked on every system we have tried so far. It makes life an awful lot easier. Having previously used tools that would sometimes fail to communicate with the ECU i was a bit fed up and unable to help our customers (which does not look professional at all) So yeah, happy with the package, nice sturdy well built unit with good carrying cases for protection. Have not yet tried to update, but it looks easy enough with the one touch system. Thank you guys look forward to working with you again.  

  • Mick Haughton, Aberdeen, UK 5stars

I received this package about 4 weeks ago now. The MS906 BT from Diagnostic World works a charm. I own a top spec car garage in Aberdeen, we mainly do sales, but to prep the cars before sale we need to make sure they are free from faults. Previously it has been very difficult to do this, and had to outsource work to get this done. We can now do this all on our own site, and at a time that suits us. The screens are easy to use and it offers so much more that just fault code reading with diagrams and help systems on board. It goes without saying that it also works on the regular cars like Ford, Audi, BMW, Toyota and all the rest which we have also tried and tested on. I am considering buying another unit for another site we own in another part of the UK. So thank you to the Diagnostic World team for steering me in this direction, it has not dissaponted.

  • Robert Eldon, Southampton, UK 5stars

Perfect. Does what we need it to. It is a high end package so you have to expect to pay a bit more, but take it from me, it will save you so much more in the way of lost income, and time spent having a headache. Thank You.

  • Massimo Vengoo, Bologna, Italy 5stars

Happy with the tools that they did provide to us.I need for good car like Ferrari and Lambo. They work good and the cars have the health in good. It is hard to get a systems that work in these cars and happy to get this now.

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