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Kia & Hyundai Diagnostic NT510 Review

Here are some customer reviews for the Kia & Hyundai diagnostic package, the Kia Hyundai Foxwell NT510 is a multi system, single brand auto diagnostic tool for Kia & Hyundai systems like engine, airbags, abs, oil service reset and will allow you to read & reset fault codes and dash warning lights. This is one of the most comprehensive tools we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Martin Bruce, Middlesbrough, UK 5stars

Not a bad piece of kit this. There is not much on the market specifically for Kia cars, so when I found this Kia Hyundai NT510 diagnostic tool I was quite (sadly) excited. I originally bought it for my Cee'd to reset an airbag light which worked perfectly, but have now also used it on a Kia Optima to read codes for a check engine light. All in all I'm very happy to finally see a kit that caters for Kia/Hyundai cars specifically and will highly recommend it to anybody.

  • Roget Baker, Hull, UK 5stars

I bought this kit for my Hyundai Accent. It had the ABS & traction warning lights on the dash. I have now diagnosed that it was a faulty rear right ABS sensor, which is on order and I look forward to changing this part out myself. Good kit at a decent price. Thank you all.

  • Debbie Smith, Norfolk, UK 5stars

The Kia diagnostic tool NT510 works very well, no problems there but it did take 6 days to arrive (UK to UK) and was told there was a slight stock issue but was quickly resovled so thanks for that.

  • Pierre Vasqut, Paris, France 5stars

It has a good tool to reset the light which has ABS on the Kia in my car. It is a Kia Rio, and now, well it fixed because of the tool which is NT510 for Kia Hyundai. Delivery is about 5 days to Paris which is OK, and now the car is fixed to be happy driving with no longer lights on inside.

  • Ian Ronson, Swindon, UK 5stars

I bought this because of the dreaded airbag light on my Kia Sportage. The kit arrived quickly, easy to use straight from the box to find a connection fault with the passenger airbag connections under the passenger seat (it had somehow come apart) anyway, I clipped everything back together, and reset the light within seconds. Its a really well built made piece of electical kit, and very pleased to now have as part of my tool kit, although this will stay in the car at all times in case of any faults that pop up.

  • Bev Carter, Leicester, UK 4 stars 2

The kit took about 1 week to arrive, and I needed it urgently so it did delay my plans by a couple of days, however when i did receive the kit, I was able to hook everything up instantly and find out that the problem the the car was a faulty MAF (which was making the car run poorly) The MAF was replaced and now everything is running smoothly so overall a good kit to use but not sure why it took so long to arrive in the first place. 

  • Fred Campbell, Milton Keynes, UK 5stars

I'm 77, and never used anything like this before. I was very suprised that i was able to use it fairly easily. The tool told me there was an issue with a wheel sensor. Being older I was not going to attempt to fix this myself, but at least I had the knowledge of the problem befire taking it to the garage and I knew i was not going to be ripped off as they do have a reputation around here. A good kit and will use it again.

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