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VAG-II iCarsoft Reviews VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda

Here are some customer reviews for the VAG-II iCarsoft diagnostic kit. The VAG-II is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda. This is one of the most comprehensive tools for these cars we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Paul Hughes, Gateshead, UK 5stars
We have a VW Golf, a VW Amarok & our daughter has a Seat Leon, I am pleased to report that this kit works on all 3 cars. I have diagnosed a major fault in the Golf (which turns out it needs a new O2 sensor), I have reset the service internal message in the Amarok (2012 model) and the Seat Leon does not have any faults but communicates with the car just fine. One happy customer and will buy again when our new Mercedes arrives. Thanks & Merry Christmas.

  • Harv Kitson, Poole, UK 5stars
My Audi A3 had the ABS warning light showing, along with the brake & traction warning light, i was ready to call it a day with this car (it's a long story) but i really can't afford to spend on a new car so i gave this a try. Well i'm glad i took the chance as it turns out the fault was pretty simple to fix and all it needed was a new speed sensor which i got my mate to fit. I have also reset the service light which had been on for about 1 year (it needs a service but it can wait) So yes i would recommend this kit to anybody.

  • Roger Davies, Brighouse, UK 5stars
Ive been trying to figure out why the engine warning light on my Seat Ibiza was illuminated, MPG seemed to have dropped, and the car was sluggish. I hooked the VAG-II kit up and it told me there was a problem with the oxygen sensor and cylinder 1 had a misfire. I bought both parts for £40 and set about fixing them myself as i like to give it a go. The jobs were easier than i expected, and 2 hours later i had reset the fault codes and warning light. I have driven 20 miles since and the light stayed off so all looking good. Cheers.

  • Clayton Matthews, Dundee, UK 5stars
I was deciding to choose between this VAG-II kit and the i908 kit, they appeared to carry the same functions but the difference is that the VAG-II kit covers the oil service reset and Electronic Parking Brake which the i908 does not cover so i opted for the VAG-II. I did manage to reset the service light about 2 weeks ago, but the main reason i bought it was because i had accidentally triggered the airbag light on the dashboard of my VW Passat. The kit cleared this in moments. Nice bit of kit thanks Diagnostic World.

  • Jordan Grey, Wantage, UK 5stars
Ordered this on Monday morning, in my hand on Tuesday and looking forward to using it when i get my new car on Thursday. Its a Golf GTI, wanted one for years but i also want to be prepared incase any problems arise.

  • Ian Redford, Boness, UK 5stars
I personally own a Skoda Octavia, my sister has a VW Jetta, and dad has a Seat Exeo. Together we all chipped in for this kit because 2 of these cars have faults. Pretty easy to use, just plug it into the diagnostic port and the screen will light up. There is a manual but it really isnt needed, it's so easy to use. Comes with nice box and really handy carry case which i just keep in the boot of my car. All in all a pleasurable experience to deal with these guys and would not hesitate to recommend anything from them.

  • Patrick Payne, Alberta, Canada 5stars
Dispatched on the 4th of Sept and at my door on the 10th, from Europe to Western Canada door to door in 6 days. What else do you guys sell, got any chips for Audi TT's?
I can't try it till the 20th as i'm out of town but so far you guy's got my vote for one of the best aftersales services I have ever experienced. Patrick

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