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VOL-II iCarsoft Reviews Volvo Saab

Here are some customer reviews for the VOL-II iCarsoft diagnostic kit. The VOL-II is a user friendly multi system scan tool which will allow you to read & reset fault codes & dash lights in your Volvo or Saab and also clear the service warning light message. This is one of the most comprehensive tools for these cars we have tested, and that is why it has made it onto our shelves.

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  • Leslie Smart, Worcester, UK 5stars
I needed to turn off the airbag light and reset the service interval message in my Volvo XC60. It arrived fast and works straight away, really taken back by how easy the whole process was. I have also had a look at the engine for faults and there was indeed a fault for a MAP sensor which i didn;t know about, but since the engine light is not on, and no loss in performance i will just leave it for now and come back to it when the engine light is on. Nice kit at a fraction of the cost of the professional kits. Right up my street this. Thanks again.

  • Kev Whickham, Bolton, UK 5stars
I bought this VOL2 kit for my Volvo S40. It is nicely packaged, boxed and arrived on time for me to reset the service message and look at an intermittant ABS icon that keeps going on and off (it looks like a faulty front ABS sensor)

  • Wesley Mansell, Corby, UK 5stars
Highly recommeded by me. My Saab has an airbag light on, and is soon due a service. I have already sorted the airbag fault, and i will reset the service counter once i have bought the oil, plugs etc and done the service myself. Thanks to Diagnostic world who advised me to go for this tool because of the features it had vs what i needed.

  • Ian Smith, Manchester, UK 5stars
Not used it yet but arrived quickly. Will be using it on my Volvo S80 looking forwad to it.

  • Peter Camberwell. Herts, UK 5stars
Our Volvo V40 has been nothing but trouble so i have bought this in an attempt to finaly solve the lights on the dash. I have the check engine, ABS, brake and traction lights on. The guys told me that 3 of the lights are most likely connnected (in with an ABS fault) and the engine light will be something different. I have read the codes just need to figure out what needs doing, air intake and sensor look like they need changing but never done this before so ill take my time. I will get this car working again.

  • David Tran, Cardiff, UK 5stars
My Saab 9-5 needs a bit of work, the VOL-II seemed like the right choice to do the service reset and look at the airbag light. Not used it yet but will get cracking at the weekend.

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